Commercial Design

A history of excellence that covers the entire 20th century¸ along a trail of growth which has led Vipa Interior to become important international design firms and achieve for itself an important role in the Made in Brunai Darrusalam story of excellence.

The long experience of the company ensures the maximum ability to offer a type of flexible and modular furnishing that will offer multiple solutions to satisfy the most varied needs.

The profound and indissoluble link of the company with the world of project furnishing finds a further expression in this sector, the success of which is contributed to by our company’s ability to create specific and highly customised solutions in different areas of design planning.

Catalogue products, custom made products and ad hoc projects respond with equal effectiveness to the needs of the clients, supported in every phase, from project planning to post-sales service, in a daily effort which has as its final objective the achievement of maximum quality.

Our Commercial Design is including renovation restaurant or cafe. Below are process before and after the renovation cafe.